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bottomHow it Works?

About us

We’ve always been gamers. Then we became engineers. Then we did more academically. But finally we decided we wanted to stay gamers and help others stay gamers as well.

The Team

While PCWORKS has been started by a team of 4 people, we have additional people at hand in case they are required. However it is our belief that with less people we can be more tightly knit and efficient (and also provide special attention to our customers as a team).


We will design, build, assemble and deliver your systems. In addition we can provide post sales services. If you are in a town where we are not available and you need some advice or help, we would be happy to be of service to you by providing consultation. (Plus, we love giving free advice)

The Cities

For now we are available in Mumbai and Bangalore with plans of expanding to other cities soon. However if you just need consultation you can always get in contact with us over the email provided.

Here's what we need to know

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Akshobhya Sharma

Himanshu Rathor

Mumbai, Delhi & Bangalore